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Springbrook proudly integrates recreational therapy for autism in its behavioral program. As Maria Montessori, and many other child development specialists, have argued—play is the work of childhood. All children learn and grow through play, and while recreation is important for the mental, physical, social, and emotional development of all children, it is absolutely essential for children and adolescents with autism. Unfortunately, the anxiety and developmental delays associated with autism spectrum disorder often keep these children from playing with their peers in their early years, which only compounds the problem. Therapeutic physical education programs are designed to specifically address the issues of hyperactivity and anxiety which can contribute to behavioral issues.

Every day in the Springbrook behavioral Autism Program involves recreational therapy, or play therapy, whether it is a simple classroom game or a much more complicated off-site field trip. We use both indoor and outdoor play therapy to help your child learn and develop life skills such as teamwork, participation, social involvement, focus, independence, and decision-making. Recreational therapy for autism also improves our students’ physical and mental health. Exercise and play are such core components of our program that most of our students achieve a much healthier weight during their enrollment, simply because they are getting so much activity.

Ideal Location For Recreational Therapy

We love to take our students outdoors. Numerous studies have proven that being outside improves anxiety and general mental health in addition to benefitting physical health. The Autism Program at Springbrook is located in an ideal place to promote outdoor exploration and learning. Traveler’s Rest, SC is situated in the foothills of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, renowned for abundant wildlife and natural beauty. We often take our students on hikes to Table Rock, Caesar’s Head, and Paris Mountain State Parks. We have also gone to Lake Keowee, Lake Jocassee, Asheville, NC, Congaree State Park, and Jones Gap.

Our campus is also fifteen minutes from downtown Greenville, South Carolina, a friendly, arts-oriented, mid-size southern town with an active recreational calendar. Throughout the year, we take students to Falls Park in downtown Greenville, a gorgeous greenway and waterfall in the heart of the city. We also take our students to the Greenville Zoo for animal therapy, for walks along the Swamp Rabbit Trail, and to the nearby water parks during the summer.

Recreational Therapy On-Campus

Opportunities for off-site field trips and outdoor adventure are plentiful in South Carolina, but we also have many recreational resources on our own campus. Our Autism Program takes place in a large behavioral center that has a heated indoor pool, a full-size gym, 53 acres of land, a stocked pond for fishing, a baseball field, and more. One of the highlights at the pond is our family of geese. Some of our on-campus recreational activities include fishing, cookouts, swimming, and basketball.

Clinical Therapy and Families

Clinical Therapy is an important integral piece for a successful treatment plan, therefore, Springbrook offers the services of highly trained therapists who have extensive experience in treating youths with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and specialize in group and family therapy. The long-term goal is to teach an individual on the spectrum the skills to deal with their personal uniqueness and to also ensure that family members are well-educated on how to respond to a loved one's behaviors at home and in a public environment.

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Contact us at (864) 834-8013 to make a referral to our inpatient or outpatient autism programs for children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems.

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Contact us at (864) 834-8013 to make a referral to our child and adolescent behavioral health program or our inpatient autism programs for children and adolescents.

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