Adult Behavioral Health Services

Inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse therapy for adults at Havenwood Behavioral Health.

About Havenwood's Adult Behavioral Services

Havenwood's 28-bed adult acute psychiatric unit and 16-bed substance abuse unit offers the privacy and individual attention conducive to emotional healing and problem solving. Staff treat all individuals with sensitivity, dignity and confidentiality.

What can families expect?

  • We develop a personal treatment schedule to achieve each patient's individual goals. The process of assessment and diagnosis involves a joint effort between the patient, family and a treatment team of staff representing several disciplines including psychiatry, social work, nursing, education and recreation therapy.
  • Our patients are provided various programming services throughout the day, including community meetings, goals groups, self-assessments, recreation therapy, group therapy, and one-to-one counseling.
  • Family members are invited to attend weekly family therapy and parent education and are encouraged to be a part of the healing process at all times. Discharge planning begins at the time of admission in order to link individuals with community resources for follow-up and continued treatment.

Specialized Programming in the Upstate SC

Our clients achieve positive behavioral outcomes through a combination of specialized programming, including:

Adult Psychiatric Therapy

Havenwood offers psychiatric therapy services for individuals ages 18 and over experiencing severe psychiatric symptoms that inhibit normal daily living activities and pose a threat of harm to self or others.

Adult Substance Use Disorder Therapy

Havenwood provides substance use disorder therapy services for individuals ages 18 and over experiencing alcohol and substance use dependencies.

Geriatric Behavioral Health Services

Havenwood provides compassionate care and assistance with daily living for individuals aged 60 and older who are experiencing an acute psychotic episode, including clinical depression.

Need to make a referral?

To make a referral for Havenwoods’s Adult Psychiatric Behavioral Health services, please contact the Admissions Department at 864-660-6220 or 864-660-6009 (fax).