Geriatric Behavioral Health Services

Caring for Older Adults with Dignity and Respect

The Geriatric Program at Havenwood was developed to meet a growing need in our community to serve an aging population. In the Geriatric Program, we treat patients who are 60 or older who are experiencing an acute psychiatric episode, such as a clinical level of depression, and who have histories of mental illness. We care for all of our geriatric patients with compassion and respect, providing them individualized support in activities of daily living.

What can families expect?

Effective short-term treatment. After initial assessment and stabilization, our skilled staff focuses on treatments and therapies that support recovery and help patients reestablish their daily routine. The typical stay is 7 to 14 days, and a typical day in our Geriatric Program may include nursing and medical services, group therapy, family therapy, recreational therapy, and assistance with the activities of daily living. In addition, we provide family education and occupational therapy, when needed.

Compassionate, round-the-clock care. Our expert nursing staff works 24/7, making sure that all patient needs are met promptly and respectfully. At every level of treatment, our goal is to help our senior patients recover with dignity and get back to their daily lives as soon as possible. We assess and reassess patients as they progress in the program, collaborating with the patient and the health care team to enact the best plan of care.

Fresh, nutritious meals. Proper nutrition is essential to overall wellbeing. Our experienced chef, registered dietician, and our kitchen staff prepare deliciously, homemade meals daily, keeping the health concerns, portion and preparation requirements, and dietary restrictions of individual patients in mind.

Specialized Programming in the Upstate SC

Our Geriatric Unit produces rapid stabilization for individuals with acute mental illness, followed by intensive treatments and therapies to help patients get back to their daily lives:


Initial assessments include comprehensive mental and physical evaluations specific to the aging clients.

Group Therapy

Our expert geriatric psychiatrists and counselors meet with patients, in group, and with families.

Medication Management

Our psychiatrists and Nurse Practitioners specialize in Geri-psychiatric care. This experience and expertise enable them to provide crisis stabilization, evidence-based treatment plans, and safe, appropriate medication management for the unique needs of the older patients.

Occupational Therapy

When needed, can provide consultation regarding assistance relearning self-care and other daily living activities.


Ongoing skilled nursing observations allow us to adjust and fine-tune our evidence-based treatment plans.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy provides exercise, relaxation, and skills groups of interest to the aging client to help promote a balance of work and play which benefits recovery.

Medical Interventions

Medical interventions are supported by Internal Medicine physician and Nurse Practitioners who address the complex interaction between medical and behavioral diagnoses.

Ongoing Education

We help patients and their caregivers prepare for daily life after discharge.

Assistance with ADLs

When needed, our compassionate nursing staff assists with activities of daily living, addressing the safety needs of our clients.

Staff that's here to help.

Our 44-bed adult acute psychiatric unit is staffed with experienced professionals who understand the pain and conflict of dealing with mental and emotional illness. Direction and medical leadership for the Adult Program are provided by our experienced Director of Nursing and our team of qualified psychiatrists.

Need to make a referral?

To make a referral for Havenwoods’s Adult Psychiatric Behavioral Health services, please contact the Admissions Department at 864-660-6220 or 864-660-6009 (fax).

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