"I hope Springbrook can help me for my discharge amd release to become a better and up standing young man in the community. I will go by all the rules and give my all to turn my life around thanks Springbrook for the stay in treatment."

"Thank you for your dedication to treating people that have been disregarded by many. You have changed the trajectory of my life. I am grateful."

"This stay was beneficial with counseling, group activities, and what I needed to stay back at home and have proper tools for being well."

"When I came for treatment I knew I would get better. I am going home today. The counselor, doctor, and etc. were great they really helped me to get better."

"I am very happy that I had the opportunity to come here I feel that I have opened up more than ever but most of all I have a better understanding of me and who I am."

"I would recommend this place to anyone! Everyone was very polite and I was really relaxed and treated well."

"I appreciate the help and encouragement from staff to stop doubting myself and I learned a lot of new coping skills to deal with my anxiety. I learned that I am extraordinary."

"Thank you all AGAIN! It's great to know that when I stumble and am not well I have somewhere to turn."

"My social worker, psych Dr., plus a lot of the staff meant all the difference also the nurses, and cooks were so instrumental in my recovery. Thanks for the clothes. I am so much more prepared fro my real life."

"I believe everything happens for a reason, and I came to Springbrook for a purpose. That was to get well, detox, and know why and how to live a happy sober life.  And though I'd rather be at home, I know now that this is where I needed to be to achieve that goal. I know this is a hard industry to work in. I was shocked to see the level of mental problems I saw here. I learned mine is not so bad and I can overcome. The doctors, nurses, and most MHAs were so loving and professional at the same time. I felt I was well cared for. Thank you Springbrook!"

"Thank you for the opportunity to start healing. I appreciate the entire team and all their efforts."

"I thank the staff on my unit who were always kind and helpful. This hospital has a wonderful staff of caring conscientous women and men. They met our needs with attention to us as individual patients."

"Thanks to the nurses, could not thank you enough and could not have done it without you!"

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