Introducing Jesse—The Newest Resident in Our Autism Therapy Program


Jesse, an autism therapy dog, has been permanently placed with Springbrook!


We are thrilled to announce that Jesse, the sweet, Golden Retriever-English Lab mix who we have been training as an autism therapy dog, has been placed with our facility full-time! Dr. Fisher has been spearheading the therapy dog program here at Springbrook and is excited about including Jesse as part of our Applied Behavioral Analysis program and other therapies.

“Jesse is completely calm, cool, and in control, even under pressure or in moments of intense anxiety,” Fisher explains. “His extensive training makes him patient and able to connect with children on the autism spectrum on their schedule, and he knows not to approach children who are afraid of him or anxious. Jesse is the most emotionally in-tune therapy dog I’ve ever met.”

In addition to his other traits, Jesse is a loving, comforting presence in our autism classrooms. Our autism program staff knows that Jesse will be a valuable addition to our team, helping children who are having meltdowns, who need a comforting time out, or who enjoy their relationship with him and have earned a reward. While Jesse is our first permanent placement at Springbrook, he won’t be our last. We are continuing to volunteer with Vested Partners to train their autism therapy dogs at our facility, and we will add more full-time residents to our program as we find therapy dogs who are a good fit.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Jesse in person yet, drop by for a visit or schedule a time to come in and observe him interacting with your child. We are sure that you will be as pleased as we are by what you see.

Fun Facts About Jesse


7 Years


Golden Retriever-English Lab Mix

Favorite Activities

Jesse loves going on walks and is frequently walked by our residents. He attends treatment team meetings to help everyone stay calm.

Favorite Treats

Jesse loves any kind of dog treat. Jesse is so well trained that he will wait and just stare at a treat until he is given permission to get it and eat it. He knows where all the treats are hidden in the facility and when not directly with someone, will always find a way to sit by that area. It is his way of letting you know he needs a treat.

Need to make a referral?

Contact us at (864) 834-8013 to make a referral to our child and adolescent behavioral health program or our inpatient autism programs for children and adolescents.

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