Acute Autism Stabilization & Assessment Program:

An Accelerated Program for Adolescents with Autism and Behavioral Issues


Blueprint for Success: Accelerated Program

This intensive program is approximately 28-days and is specifically designed to reach all levels of functioning adolescents over the age of 10 with ASD and related developmental disorders who are exhibiting behaviors that interfere with their success at home and school.


This program uses the same evidence-based practices Springbrook Autism is noted for in an accelerated format to stabilize, start treatment, and create an intensive outpatient plan. For those who need longer care to stabilize, a transfer to Springbrook Autism Residential Program is possible based on criteria and bed availability.

Why Do You Call Your Program a Blueprint for Success?

While a blueprint is not the building itself, it is a specific, detailed plan for how to create the finished building. Similarly, our accelerated program will provide each family with a thorough, actionable road map to help their child achieve ongoing success.

By the end of our approximately 28-day program, each family will receive:

Family Education

We will provide concentrated, one-on-one parent and family education that is interactive and evidence-based with a program specifically designed to address behaviors.

Discharge Instructions

We give each family detailed discharge plans and recommendations from a wide range of experts in the field of autism, targeted toward the long-term success of their child.

A Blueprint for Success

Each family will leave the program with a personalized manual, or blueprint. This document will include copies of all assessments, a detailed behavior plan, tools, and references to help guide the family and outpatient professionals, which will help continue the student’s success and provide a seamless transition to long-term treatment provided in schools, outpatient, or group living settings.

Built For Long Term Success

Springbrook’s Programs and Therapies for Autism

While a blueprint is not the building itself, it is a specific, detailed plan for how to create the finished building. Similarly, our accelerated program will provide each family with a thorough, actionable road map to help their child achieve ongoing success.

Our noted clinical staff practices broad-scope treatments, including testing, assessments, plan development, and evidence-based therapies that are tailored to individual needs.

Board-Certified Behavioral Analysis

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) forms the framework of our program and informs all of our other therapies and programs. Too many autism programs focus exclusively on managing and correcting disruptive behaviors instead of connecting with the adolescent and identifying the root cause behind the behavioral symptom. The unit has dedicated full time Board-Certified Behavioral Analysts and direct care Registered Behavioral Technicians on staff whose mission is to understand the whole person.

Pharmaceutical Management

Our program provides intense Pharmaceutical management by a fellowship-trained psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Getting the patient’s prescription medications right is an important first step toward progress in other areas. Many adolescents with autism experience co-existing conditions, such as anxiety or physical pain and discomfort. These conditions can impact their actions and must be addressed before we can work on their disruptive behavior.

Clinical Therapy

Our Masters prepared therapists provide intense clinical therapy to decrease anxiety, reinforce positive coping strategies, and promote self-regulation to help your child reach their goals. Therapy provided is altered to address the unique ways that adolescents with ASD/DD process information. Family therapy and parent education is provided in a one-on-one format using evidence-based interactive programs to help prepare families to effectively address behaviors at home.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is an evidence-based practice that can help people with autism improve communication, social skills, sensory issues, behavior, cognition, perceptual/motor skills, and self-reliance or self-determination. Adolescents on the autism spectrum are especially responsive to music.

Behavioral Nursing Care

Behavioral nursing staff with extended experience and training in ASD/DD work with the medical staff to address the common medical comorbidities found in youth with ASD/DD such as seizures, insomnia, gastric issues, and balance issues.

Recreational Therapy

Issues with balance frequently noted in ASD/DD are addressed through therapeutic physical activities, and sensory modulation programs designed to address the physical, gross/fine motor, and functional deficits.

Diet and Nutrition Services

Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is particularly challenging for children and adolescents with autism, who often struggle with food aversions and the unwillingness to try new things. Our program includes diet and nutrition services to encourage your child to eat balanced meals. We also have a registered dietician on staff who oversees the weekly menus and ensures each child’s unique nutritional needs are met.

Speech-Language Therapy

Adolescents with autism vary widely in their communication skills and deficits. Our speech-language pathologists assess each resident’s individual needs and customize a therapy program for your child. During speech-language therapy sessions, we may work on verbal communication, body language, facial expressions, social cues, or any other form of communication that will help your child more fully connect with others.

Special Education

We have a partnership with The Einstein Academy, a private school in Greenville, SC with a special emphasis on educating students with Learning Difficulties. When students enter our 28-day program we begin with assessments that help determine their academic ability and allow us to chart their progress. We then use the Einstein evidence-based system to design a curriculum centered on each student’s specific strengths and needs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is an umbrella term that includes any therapies that help students with autism improve their daily living skills. During occupational therapy sessions, we may work on gross and fine motor skills, socialization, speech, independent living skills, flexibility with new situations or experiences, food aversions, aggression, and much more.

Other Personalized Programs

While the therapies listed above form the core of all of our autism programs, we have many additional partnerships and resources, and dedicated staff willing to go above and beyond to connect with your child. We personalize our therapies and programs to your child’s specific needs. Other therapies we offer might include, sensory integration, rewards-based programs, and goal-oriented behavior monitoring.

**Program Expectations

The program is designed to accomplish accelerated stabilization and assessments in approximately 28 days. Depending on their functioning level and abilities, clients may require longer stays and/or potential transfer to a residential program. However, it is our expectation that the program will provide enough progress and information to continue successful treatment with professional staff on an outpatient basis.

Interested in the Blueprint for Success Program at Springbook?

We treat mid-to-high functioning adolescents with autism who are exhibiting disruptive or harmful behaviors that are interfering with their success. We have partner agreements with many states across the country and are glad to accept referrals from states outside of South Carolina.

Contact us at (864) 834-8013 to make a referral to Springbrook Acute Autism Stabilization and Assessment Program.

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Contact us at (864) 834-8013 to make a referral to our child and adolescent behavioral health program or our inpatient autism programs for children and adolescents.

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